Early morning and once again I am up with a brain full of rampaging thoughts. I am convinced, if I ever had time to filter and pursue this drivel, amazing things would be revealed.

So today a decision was taken, whilst warm and toasty in my bed, to at least do something about the thoughts. Which means I am now sitting in front of the laptop in only my t-shirt, my legs and other bits slowly getting cold as I desperately try to smash down some verbage to get me going and relieve the constant feeling that there really is something in my head that needs to be written down.

Perhaps this load of mental slurry, something to be shovelled up, is a motivator that sleep puts into the word hopper and sprays around randomly throughout the day.

Anyhow this is the start of something, seeing as you are reading this you have begun the journey with me, and that is a scary thought, somebody else is with me.

Prepare yourself, because I have no clue what will come out of the slurry pit. Buckle up and let’s get cracking.